Studio and Recording

If you are looking for a studio to record your music, I offer 3 options depending on your project’s requirements and your budget.
I can record on-location at a place of your choice, in my own studio, or in a large studio in Berlin for a full band production. My own studio features two acoustically treated recording rooms and is located in the Neukolln district of Berlin. It’s perfect for singer-songwriters, overdub sessions, voice-overs, and small bands. For larger projects, I usually record in a big studio with all the musicians playing live together. In any case, the recording process is defined by the ideal conditions for the artist(s), depending on the nature of each project.

Recording on location

Record up to 12 tracks with mobile, high class recording equipment. Capture the distinct sound of the space you want to create music in. It's also possible to record 8 tracks without any power supply (outdoor, caves, etc.).

My studio

My soundproof and acoustically optimized recording rooms are perfect for singer-songwriters, small bands, voice-over artists, and overdub sessions. I have an upright piano, several tube amps, guitars, basses and vintage gems to choose from on site.

Big Studio

I collaborate with big recording studios in Berlin and can select the best place for your unique needs. I love to record bands “live” to capture their authentic dynamic. Certain instruments like drums or string instruments can require a lot of space to sound “big”.


  • My equipment

    • Several acoustic and electric guitars, electric basses and upright bass, upright piano and electric piano, to choose from.
    • Analogue vintage effects, synthesizers, Apple computers, RME audio interfaces and microphones made by Neumann/Gefell, Golden Age Premier, MBHO, AKG, DPA Sennheiser, Shure and others.
    • Custom built tube amps, tube mic preamps, tube effects and tube reverb made by Rerun Electronics.
    • DAWs: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10 / 11 / 12, Ableton Live, Cubase Pro 9.5

  • Pricing

    • The price for recording and/or producing depends on many factors, and each project is different.
    • The complexity of the orchestration, the length of the song(s) and the experience of the singer(s) and musician(s) are some of these factors.
    • In the end, it all depends on the time needed to achieve the desired result.
    • For an initial quote of the cost of your project, please send me as much information as possible.