I’m a composer and music producer based in Berlin.
I create music for filmmakers, theater directors, TV stations and brands. I completed a 4-year study at drama school in Germany, which continues to provide me with valuable insights when working with directors for film and theater productions. I also produce and mix albums for bands, labels, and songwriters; and I’ve played hundreds of live shows in Europe and USA with my own music projects and bands.
Additionally, due to my ongoing fascination with audio recording, I write reviews about music studio gear for the online magazine Professional Audio and Amazona.de.

If you are seeking original music for your project or you’re looking for a producer, let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk details!

Raphael Tschernuth music composer and producer, Berlin



I compose music in a wide variety of genres: from minimalist songs to full band arrangements, as well as epic cinematic scores. I play guitar, bass, upright bass, piano, synthesizer, drums, and all instruments are available in my studio to develop and execute ideas quickly.
 For last minute projects, I can offer music from my library with over 300 original compositions with “one stop” rights clearing.



I organize the recording sessions (with additional musicians if needed) and together with the artists, I work on the songs selection, the definition of the sonic character of the project, as well as the overall arrangements. I offer solutions within your budget for producing a song, an album, or an entire score.