Music for theater

2011 – 2012 Centraltheater Leipzig

Music for theater play ”Wir sind nicht das Ende"

“Wir Sind Nicht Das Ende”

To support Manuel Harder’s vision, my approach was to enhance the claustrophobic and very intense experience of the play with sound design and music that touch the subconsciousness.
Soft tunes, bass drones, electronic beats and noise translate the radical tension between the characters. The music was mixed and played live on stage, which made every show a unique experience.
Since its premiere at Theater Dortmund in Summer 2008, this production has consequently developed and reinvented itself for every venue that followed.


Written by Carsten Brandau
Director: Manuel Harder
Stage design: Manuel Harder
Several shows at Skala Leipzig in 2011 and 2012 as well as Nestroyhof Vienna (2011) and Theater Dortmund (2008)