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Rollover by Rollover (2009)

Rollover, album produced by R.Tschernuth

All songs written and performed by Rollover.
Recorded, arranged and mixed by Raphael Tschernuth.
Mastered by Raphael Tschernuth and Chris Fillmore.
Produced by Raphael Tschernuth.
Artwork by Myriam Leymarie

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Additional info:
Released in June 2009.
Günther Harder: Vocals, Drums & Percussion.
Meena Cryle: Vocals, Percussion & Guitar.
Kingsize Noidl: Vocals, Harp & crazy screams.
Chris Fillmore: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Pedal Steel & Backing Vocals.
Raphael Tschernuth: Bass, Piano, Guitar, Banjo, Beats, Synthesizer, Glockenspiel & Backing Vocals.