“The Scientist” Release and More

The third song of my Cinematic Covers project is out now via Appearance Records.
This time I worked with the amazing, New York-based vocalist Jillian Wheeler on the Coldplay’s song “The Scientist”. Check it out!

Licensing for sync is available via Appearance Records.

On stage again with Rollover

EAR, Rollover and TVF at Gugg

This Friday, I will play with three bands in just one evening: EAR, Rollover and The Tesla Valley Farmers live at Kulturhaus GUGG in Braunau am Inn.

This will be the first Rollover show in more than seven years, and we will also celebrate the release of my latest album production Cucumber Radio with The Tesla Valley Farmers.

There are only a few tickets left, so hurry up and reserve your seats!

08.09.17  EAR, The Tesla Valley Farmers & Rollover in Braunau am Inn at GUGG.

Join the Nea Zoi community

A good friend of mine, Rainer Baumgartner, with whom I had the pleasure to share many stages around the world, created last year a very special place for music in Altötting, Bavaria. NEA ZOI (which means “new life”) is a cafe, a concert room with a beautiful stage, a music studio, a place for workshops and jam sessions, a restaurant  and much more. To make it short: a welcoming place to come together and have a great time!

For a 10€/month membership, you’ll be part of this musical and multi-cultural community, you’ll have access to workshops and studio time for a reduced price and so much more!
Get more info here
Meet the community on September 15th, 6 p.m. – Gründungsfeier Kulturverein Nea Zoi e.V.in Altötting.