EAR Shows in June

EAR playing shows

I played three shows with EAR recently. We started on June 16th at the Nea Zoi Kulturcafe. A great place run by fellow musician Rainer Baumgartner. It’s like “Little Berlin” in the bavarian smalltown Altötting. Nea Zoi is one of the only stages for music performances in that area, and beside Rainer’s great taste (Gretsch drums, Fender Rhodes, a real upright piano etc.), the place can be transformed into an amazing recording studio: www.neazoi.de.

We also played a sold out show in Burghausen, Bavaria’s jazz town par excellence and we had an amazing time there.
Thanks to Nadine Konietzny and the crew at the Cabaret des Grauens.

Last but not least, we went to Passau to play a show as a part of the open doors program at the Athanor Akademie, a drama school (led by David Esrig) that just moved there. Thanks to Hunor von Horvath and everyone who supported us!

Ear playing shows in Bavaria