About me and my work

I compose and produce music for movies, bands and theater plays.
If you are in need of original music for your project or if you are looking for a record producer I’d be happy to hear from you. Let’s get in touch: hello@tschernuth.com

Clients I worked for:

SWR I WDR I SR I Lavafilm I Zuta Film I ARTE I EMI Music I Gore Tex I Centraltheater Leipzig I Theater Dortmund I Theater Nestroyhof Wien I Theater Magdeburg I Ruf Records I BR Alpha I ORF III I Schauspiel Stuttgart u.a.

Awarded short films:

“Glasshouse Failure” Audience Award, Film Festival Landshut I “Schafe” Best Movie at Film Festival Burghausen I “Vergessen” FFF-Förderpreis Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche

Instruments I play:

Guitar, Bass, Upright Bass, Piano, Synthesizer, Drums and everything that makes some noise.

I use:

Custom built tube amps, tube mic preamps, tube effects and tube reverb made by Rerun Electronics. Analogue vintage effects, synthesizers, Apple computers, RME audio interfaces and microphones made by Neumann/Gefell, MBHO, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure and others. DAWs: Logic Pro, Pro Tools 10 / 11 / 12, Ableton Live

raphael tschernuth music producer

What I do



As a multi-instrumentalist, I write music in a big variety of genres (pop, indie, rock, electro, americana and trip hop) and in different styles:
I compose minimalist songs as well as pieces with full band arrangements.
When it’s about composing music for movies and theater plays i believe that the perfect match of picture and sound can create a whole new level of experience for the audience. it’s my goal to achieve that symbiosis with every project-
For last minute projects, I can also offer existing music out of my library of over 300 compsitions for which I own all necessary rights to quickly move on.



For movies and theater plays the first step is analyzing the script with the director to define the music that will suit the project best.
After decoding the dramaturgy of the scenes I create the score concept.
I take care of planning the production which includes the selection of additional musicians or vocalists as well as the estimation of the cost. Rights clearing is also necessary in the very beginning of the project to be sure that every song or third party content can be used. I offer “one-stop” rights clearing for my music.



Recording is of course the phase about getting the highest quality of sound. But not only. To me, it also means creating a warm and colorful sound sometimes even with a rough edge to give original identity to a sound. To achieve this goal, I use analog gear (handmade tube devices i.e.) along with the latest digital equipment in my studio in Berlin. As a microphone geek, I also love to use unconventional setups like old ribbon microphones from the 30s, which can bring very specific colors to a project. The combination with the latest digital environments leads to an efficient work-flow and ensures the highest audio quality. I record the music in my studio located in Berlin/Neukölln and also offer on-location recording with mobile recording gear.



Mixing is about getting the right balance of the individual tracks, creating space and putting the spotlight on the right things at the right time.
Many years of experience with Logic Pro and other DAWs like Pro Tools & Ableton Live made my skills in this domain very strong.
In order to get the best results for the final delivery, I work closely with mastering specialists.