Composer and music producer

for movies, bands and theaters

Raphael Tschernuth composer and music producer Berlin

Hi, my name is Raphael and I spend my life making music. Pretty cool, right?
I like to tell stories with my music and score films and theater plays. I also record, mix and produce songs for singer-songwriters and bands. If you need original music for your project or if you want to record your own songs, let’s get in touch and make it happen.

Sound design for the movie "The World is Mine"

I compose music for films, TV-series, documentaries and advertising. Filmmakers can also choose original production music from my library.

Music for theater plays

I write instrumental music as well as songs for theater plays. I also take care of the sound design and rehearse the music with the actors on stage.

Recording and production

I produce, record and mix music for bands and singer-songwriters. From a single song to a full album production, in the recording studio as well as on location.

Gear reviews and interviews

Besides making music, I review the latest music studio gear for music magazines. I also write articles about notable figures and companies in the music industry.